OhShape Ultimate Power Up Update!

18 de April de 2024
| by Odders Lab
| News

After its success on Meta Quest, we have ported the definitive edition of OhShape to two other major VR platforms: Steam VR and PSVR2 (coming later this month). We have also released a new fitness album for free on all platforms as part of the 5-year anniversary of OhShape, which will happen this year in December.

OhShape Ultimate version includes revamped visuals, a new environment, new songs, a new DLC album (Electro Party) free for all, and lots of quality-of-life improvements. It is available now on Meta Quest, Pico, SteamVR and is coming later this month to Playstation VR 2 at 19.99$.

In addition to the classic wall-punching, obstacle-dodging, and fun pose-making, get your full-body cardio workout with 6 new sessions and 2 difficulty levels. These sessions are designed to make you sweat and engage every part of your body, with specific songs for cardio, legs, arms, or a whole-body blast!

OhShape is a colorful, dynamic rhythm game heavily inspired by the crazy Japanese TV show “Hole in the Wall.” The players have to go through shapes carved into walls, dodge obstacles, and punch their way to victory following the beats of the music. It’s an exciting blend of dancing, workout, and party games that players can make their own: Do you want to have fun seeing your friends striking weird poses? OhShape got you covered. Do you want to be the master of the dance floor? OhShape will give you the tools to be the protagonist of your own show. Feeling a little rusty after sitting for long hours? OhShape is your best gateway into a fun, engaging workout.

The story of OhShape is the story of a small development team with a crazy idea that thrived against the odds. When we started OhShape as our first project in 2019, little we know that it would become an icon in the VR rhythm genre and that we would be able to produce four successful games in four years (OhShape, Chess Club, Les Mills XR Bodycombat, Les Mills XR Dance) achieving awards along the way and a solid position in the VR realm.

Juan Flores, one of Odders’ co-founders and the main creator of OhShape, shared some words about what’s next for the game.

“OhShape holds a special place in our hearts as our inaugural game. Stay tuned as we have exciting plans to commemorate its 5th anniversary!”

OhShape is our first and beloved product, and it’s in better health than ever. We will continue updating and supporting OhShape in the future and activating the community through challenges on Discord.

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